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What is Photo Masking? Why do you Need it?

Several products or service businesses generally use the same stock images across all the web pages and online selling channels. Therefore, it eventually affects the company in the long run as there are chances that your competitors will use the same images at a competitive price. But to overcome those issues and make the business presence unique, one must go for online photo masking services.

The definition says that image masking is removing the background from any subject or image. At times people use the term image masking services over the clipping, but there is a difference between them. Image masking is an advanced version of the clipping path, and it is pretty helpful when the object of the image has different lines and tiny details.

Why business needs today

The companies need photo masking online, as, without this, the graphic design process is incomplete. Eventually, all the businesses need to mask images on the photos they want to use on multiple channels. Image masking services allow the companies to accomplish the task without destroying the image quality. They can isolate the required part of an image, and there is no need to create a new background and change backgrounds to give a fresh look to the older photo. Instead, the services experts reuse the extracted image with a different background.

Types of photo masking

They round different types of image masking

Alpha channel masking

Under this approach, you need to combine image masking and path clipping. It is essential when photographs contain backgrounds with a single color. In alpha channel masking, prime photographic subjects might get separated by the background removal. Alpha channel masking is generally used by image marking service providers when some Harry objects are in the picture. Applying the alpha channel masking strategy will be easier if the thing and background have enough contrast.

Layer masking

Professional editing companies generally use Photoshop layer masking to make the image suitable for all types of commercial and personal use. You can make any section entirely visible or partially visible when following this method. The portion of the images is fully transparent. When you paint the mask black, it will make the layer underneath transparent. The critical element of this is to adjust the ratio of one other part of a picture exposed or bloodied. Through this service, the opacity of the subjects can be maintained and personalized to suit the background.

Clipping mask

The clipping mask mainly uses one layer to determine the visibility or transparency of another layer. The experts place earlier at the bottom of the layer which they want the clarity to be implemented. From the bottom layer, they monitor the visibility of the layer above.

Collage masking

The subjects from different images are captured and placed in different backgrounds for other purposes with the help of collage masking. The image experts can choose additional topics from different photos to replace them if vital. If you are looking for a Photo masking service, your search gets over at Retouch company. You can connect with the experts here and get your work done.

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